What a day, what a race, WHAT A FINISH!

McKayos did not disappoint, absolutely smashing it with 350 legends on 2 wheels, giving it all for guts or glory! Whether you kept it rubber side down or not through the snow, the bumps, the stairs and the trail, you can sleep well tonight knowing you made it! You get the biggest of high fives from all of the Falls Creek & McKayos crew!

With a starting setup that included 2x winner Ben McIlroy, 2x winner Paul Van Der Ploeg and 3x podium placer Chris Panozzo it was always going to be a huge finish. Would Bee Mac make it a trifecta? Would Vanders blitz after a couple years off the hill? Would Chris choose the creek crossing again? (joke Chris, that one was a joke...)

It started out epic with Veitzy and Matt Ryan absolute bullets out of the blocks whilst the carnage opened up behind them. There were stacks on snow, pile-ups on stairs and slides on the mossy cable track (yikes!) but in the end it all came down to a final sprint between two of McKayos royalty. Panozzo vs BeeMac, who would take it? 2nd place no more, the final sprint ended with CHRIS PANOZZO victorious for the first time on the McKayos stage!

But how about those Juniors??

3rd place in the elites will officially go down as Jason Capenecas but another epic battle for the finish line meant he was 4th fastest overall, Junior Jonah Cosgriff finishing 1 second ahead for the 3rd fastest in the field!!

Then there were the ladies. Goele Schmitz and Bec Feltrin, 1 and 2 last year, looked to be another epic battle for the top spot. A fierce contest saw the same elite result overall (with Jo Wilkie coming third) but that was all overshadowed by a girl called Lia! The only entrant in the 15-16 Juniors, Lia Ladbrook absolutely PINNED IT to finish first fastest, a good 20 seconds better than the elites!

The future is bright in McKayos and the old guard have some real challenges ahead with some of the North East's finest coming of age.


We hope you enjoyed the ride (we sure enjoyed watching it) & we'll see you all again when McKayos goes bigger & better again in 2020!


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